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The modern Point of Sale application suite.

Bring your own device. The @P1 applications are device independent*. Access the @P1 applications from your PC, your tablet or ipad, or even your phone.

@P1 application suite

Device independance

Why be restricted to a specific device type to manage an order? Any modern web capable device (PC, tablet, iPad, mobile phone) can access and run the @P1 applications. With the exception of the physical credit card processing terminal, and network attached receipt printing, you can use the device of your choice to run your point of sale application.


All activity is controlled with user profiles, and security logging. Application menu item tasks are granularly, authority level controlled. Within each application you have the ability to control what authority level can access or process a particular feature / function. For example, a new entry level manager may need to see and run sales transaction reports, but not be able to process a credit card refund or void.


Starting with Multi-Location capable by default, the applications provide a range of flexibility or options for your establishment. Different tax rates in different locations, yes. Different order processing fees by location, yes. Menu item categories, you define to fit your needs. Menu items with options and choices to suite your establishment's desire.

Company Administration Application

Company and location specific controls.

This application is for the Company owner / administrative members. Within the application are the controls for company defaults, employee profiles, and other general company settings such as menu item maintenance, tax tables, gratuity settings, and more. Menu category / items / options, providing flexibility to set your menu your way.

Management Application

Manager Specific Tasks

The management application contains management specific tasks. From working with employees, time card entries, to item & option availability, and order management (active, closed, and historic).

Serving Staff Member Application

Serving Staff Focused

This application is for the company serving staff members. Within the application are features for table assignments, order review and order processing. The serving staff application has the required features and tasks to help keep the focus on the customer's and their orders.

Kitchen / Prep / Bar Staff Application

Prep Staff Aligned

An application just for the Kitchen / Prep / Bar staff members who do not need access to other functions / features. This application utilizes three system defined "Areas of Responsibility" as Kitchen - Prep - Bar. The team member can focus on their specific AoR tasks and not be distracted, or if desired, view all the active order items for processing.

Secure Cloud Based Applications

Robust Availability

All that is required is a modern web capable device and an active internet connection, and you have your point of sale application available at your finger tips. In the past, having a reliable and robust POS system meant having a dedicated server in the back, and either your managers pulling double duty as PC technicians, or a PC / network support company on stand by. The @P1 solutions application family has addressed this issue, and at the same time provided you even more flexibility for remote access and control.

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